D Day on a PT boat

On June 6, 1944, Clyde Combs was aboard PT 515 looking upon history's largest amphibious landing before dawn. All he could hear was the constant drone of U.S. and Allied bombers flying above, thunderous shelling from nearby battleships. About one-third of a mile away, soldiers waded to shore. Combs was a nineteen-year-old quartermaster on the … Continue reading D Day on a PT boat

Visiting a WWII stalag in a small Texas town

Heino Erichsen was born June 7, 1924 in Kiel, Germany, a Baltic Sea port. When he was nine years old, Adolph Hitler became Germany's chancellor and led the country into its irrational and destructive decade that led to perhaps the world's largest and most gruesome war and ethnic persecution. When he was growing up, Heino … Continue reading Visiting a WWII stalag in a small Texas town

Crystal City internment camp

During World War II not all the internment camps established by the federal government were┬áin California. Several of them were created in Texas, with the largest one in Crystal City built on the grounds of an old migrant farm worker camp. Other than some historical markers and informational signs, you would be hard-pressed to find … Continue reading Crystal City internment camp